Thandie Abebe-Griffin (nee Abebe) is a former registrar, who worked in the hospital from 20 March 2007 until 7 August 2007 as a general surgical associate registrar and from 3 November 2009 until 23 February 2010 as a locum cardiothoracic registrar. She served as a recurring character.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2007, 2009-2010)Edit

Thandie made her first appearance in Series 9 Episode 22 as consultant Ric Griffin's fiancee, whom she met when Ric was on a sabbatical in Uganda. Consultant Diane Lloyd got jealous of her and had hard time working with Thandie. In Episode 23 Thandie arrived on AAU as an associate specialist registrar. Consultant Elliot Hope noticed her incompetence when she was placed as a locum for the day on AAU and told Thandie about it who made a complaint of racial discrimination against him, Elliot was suspended. Ric had her transferred to Keller. Ric and Thandie married and on the same day. Thandie left Holby city when consultant Connie Beauchamp asked the medical school that Thandie 'attended' and made a discovery that Thandie is an unlicensed doctor and confronted Ric. Ric had her take the complaint against Elliot back and leave holby city leaving her heart broken.

In Series 12 Episode 4, Thandie returned as a cardiothoracic registrar, now fully licensed, shocking everyone with her appearance. She befriended F1 Penny Valentine and soon Elliot was ready to forgive Thandie for the complaint. Ric and Thandie's relationship was at first bad as Ric tried to divorce her but ultimately they ended up living together again. Thandie showed her improvement in medicine aswell as acting consultant Joseph Byrne was impressed by her quick reactions in theatre. In Series 12 Episode 21 Thandie met his brother, Moses near the hospital grounds and had him admitted anonymously after he told her he has AIDS. In theatre it was discovered that he also has end stage cancer. He asked her to stop his suffering and give him a lethal dose of morphine. After hard thinking, Thandie administered the morphine and resigned from the post and only told Ric what she had done before leaving again in tears.Holder has stated that there is a possibility Thandie may return in the future, revealing that she did not expect to return for the show's twelfth series, so could be invited back again.