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"Star Crossed Lovers" is the 727th episode of Holby City and the 44th episode of the 16th series. This episode sees the arrival of Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher.


A long-overdue new nurse arrives on AAU, but Colette's not happy to see him because of old wounds and personal grudges. The pair have to work together to save one of the victims from a pile-up and learn a thing or two about moving on in the process.

A nervous Sacha witnesses Essie sharing a kiss on the cheek with Mr T and becomes a paranoid wreck. Goaded by a jealous and over-competitive patient, Sacha becomes convinced that Essie is cheating on him with Mr T and confronts him as only the bumbling Sacha can.

It's Elliot's first day back on Darwin, but he's reminded that his illness hasn't gone away when Adele lets slip about it to a patient who then refuses to allow Elliot to operate on them.