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Series 8 was the eighth series of Holby City to air on BBC One. It consisted of a traditional 52 episodes and ran from 18 October 2005 before concluding on 17 October 2006.


Highest Centric Tally - Elliot Hope (7 episodes)

The series saw the arrivals of general surgical registrar Jac Naylor, Darwin clinical lead and consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Elliot Hope, cardiothoracic registrars Joseph Byrne, Sam Strachan, bank nurse Kyla Tyson and also the short return of former CT registrar, now consultant general surgeon Nick Jordan. The series saw the departures of staff nurse Mickie Hendrie. The series introduced several recurring characters such as Elliot's wife Gina Hope, assistant general manager Bradley Hume, research registrar Reg Lund, physiotherapist Justin Fuller and chief executive officer of the Holby City NHS Trust Christopher Sutheland. Abra Durant, a former surgeon in Ghana, featured in the Ghana standalone episode "Tuesday's Child" also made an appearence as acting consultant general surgeon on Keller. Regular character Diane Lloyd departed in episode 32 but returned in series 9 episode 1.

Main Cast

Character Role Ward Played by Notes
Connie Beauchamp Medical director, clinical lead, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Amanda Mealing
Ric Griffin Clinical lead, consultant general surgeon Keller Hugh Quarshie
Lola Griffin Clinical lead, consultant in critical care AAU Sharon D. Clarke
Elliot Hope Clinical lead, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Paul Bradley From episode 4
Abra Durant Locum consultant general surgeon Keller Ade Edmondson
Diane Lloyd Specialist registrar, general surgery Keller Patricia Potter Until episode 32
Jac Naylor Specialist registrar, general surgery Keller Rosie Marcel From episode 6
Joseph Byrne Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Luke Roberts From episode 12
Sam Strachan Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Tom Chambers From episode 12
Dean West Medical student / foundation training year 1 AAU Paul Henshall
Matt Parker Medical student / foundation training year 1 AAU Adam Best
Chrissie Williams Ward sister / clinical matron Darwin Tina Hobley
Mark Williams Staff nurse / charge nurse AAU/Keller Robert Powell
Kyla Tyson Bank nurse / ward sister Keller/AAU Rakie Ayola From episode 17
Donna Jackson Staff nurse Keller Jaye Jacobs
Tricia Williams Staff nurse Darwin Sharon Maughan
Mickie Hendrie Midwife / staff nurse Maternity/Keller Kelly Adams Until episode 47

Recurring Cast

Character Role Ward Played by Notes
Christopher Sutherland Chief executive officer - Patrick Toomey From episode 25
Gina Hope Relative, patient - Gillian Bevan Episodes 23-52
Justin Fuller Physiotherapist Physio Ben Richards Episodes 23-37
Nick Jordan Locum consultant general surgeon Keller Michael French Episodes 11-37
Reg Lund Specialist registrar, medical research Lab Martin Hancock Episodes 32-52
Bradley Hume Assistant general manager - Scott Adkins Episodes 32-52






Title Director Writer Centric character Original airdate
264 1 "The Outsiders" Fraser MacDonald Anita Pandolfo Ric 18 October 2005


"Test Your Metal"
"Great Leap Forward"
Rob Evans Suzie Smith Diane 26 October 2005
27 October 2005
Part three and four of a Casualty@HolbyCity Halloween crossover.
Note: Casualty also had two 20 minute episodes aired as part of this event, and were thought to count together as one episode. However, in 2016 when Casualty's 1000th episode aired, it transpired that the two parter which aired in 2005 actually counted as two separate episodes. This resulted in a bulk correction of episode numbering from that point onward, whereby each episode's overall number after that point was amended by increasing it by one. Additionally, this meant Casualty's 20th series inlcuded 48 episodes, not 47.
266 3 "Crimes and Misdemeanours" Rob Evans Michael Jenner Lola 1 November 2005
267 4 "More Equal Than Others" Fraser MacDonald Andrew Holden Connie 8 November 2005
Elliot Hope arrives.
268 5 "Butterfly Effect" Richard Platt Elsa Cranworth Owen 15 November 2005
269 6 "Bird on a Wire" Richard Platt Andrea Earl Dean 22 November 2005
Jac Naylor arrives.
270 7 "Learning Curve" Steve Finn Andrew Cornish Owen 29 November 2005
271 8 "Comfort of Strangers" Steve Finn Johnathon Myerson & Robert Fraser Owen 6 December 2005
272 9 "Prometheus Unbound" Julie Anne Robinson Andrew Holden Diane 13 December 2005
273 10 "The Long Goodbye" Julie Anne Robinson Debbie O'Malley Owen 20 December 2005
Owen Davies departs.
274 11 "Deny Thy Father, Part II" Paul Harrison Gaby Chiappe Nick 27 December 2005
Part two of a two-hour-long Casualty@Holby City crossover special. Nick Jordan returns.
275 12 "Mother Love" Claire Armspach Tony Mchale Joseph 3 January 2006
Sam Strachan and Joseph Byrne arrive.
276 13 "Pride Before a Fall" James Erskine Len Collin Ric 10 January 2006
277 14 "Yesterday Once More" Steve Kelly Gaby Chiappe Mark 17 January 2006
278 15 "Brother's Keeper" Steve Kelly Peter Lloyd Ric 24 January 2006
279 16 "Roots" Richard Platt McHale, Tony Ric 31 January 2006
280 17 "I'll Be Back" Richard Platt Colin Bytheway Diane 7 February 2006
Kyla Tyson arrives.
281 18 "Flight of the Bumblebee" Ian Barber Jeff Dodds Mark 14 February 2006
282 19 "Out on a Limb" Ian Barber Mark Cairns Ric 21 February 2006
283 20 "We Gave Her All Our Love" Indra Bhose Michael Jenner Nick 28 February 2006
284 21 "Into Your Own Hands" Indra Bhose Stephanie Lloyd-Jones Ric 7 March 2006
285 22 "Let it Shine" Nick Jones Len Collin Nick 14 March 2006
286 23 "Leap in the Dark" Nick Jones Andrea Earl Elliot 21 March 2006
Justin Fuller arrives.
287 24 "Snake in the Grass" Teague, Colin Johanne McAndrew Jac 28 March 2006
288 25 "Passing On" Colin Teague Pete Hambly Connie 4 April 2006
289 26 "Quality Time" Simon Massey Martin Jameson Elliot 11 April 2006
290 27 "Honesty" Ian Jackson Jenny Lecoat Mickie 18 April 2006
291 28 "Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged" Ian Jackson Paul Coates Diane 25 April 2006
292 29 "Short Cuts" Steve Finn Veronica Henry Joseph 2 May 2006
293 30 "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" Steve Finn Debbie O'Malley Chrissie 9 May 2006
294 31 "Games of Chance" Jim Doyle Peter Lloyd Nick 16 May 2006
295 32 "One Tender Kiss" Jim Doyle Graham Mitchell Diane 23 May 2006
Bradley Hume arrives.
296 33 "Abracadabra" Indra Bhose Joe Ainsworth Diane 6 June 2006
297 34 "Invasion" Indra Bhose Len Collin Mickie 7 June 2006
298 35 "Promises to Keep" Ian Barber Nick Warburton Elliot 29 June 2006
299 36 "The Truth Will Out" Ian Barber Andrea Earl Nick 6 July 2006
300 37 "Extreme Measures" Colin Teague Tony McHale Connie 11 July 2006
Justin Fuller and Nick Jordan depart.
301 38 "I Am Not What I Am" Peter Rose Bradley Quirk Dean 18 July 2006
302 39 "Looking After Number One" Peter Rose Alun Nipper Joseph 25 July 2006
303 40 "Conscience" Rob Evans Pete Hambly Lola 1 August 2006
304 41 "Metamorphosis" Rob Evans Sasha Hails Connie 8 August 2006
305 42 "Team Holby" Ian Jackson Debbie O'Malley Elliot 15 August 2006
306 43 "Horse to Water" Ian Jackson Michael Jenner Elliot 22 August 2006
307 44 "Bad Blood" Richard Platt Martin Jameson Matt 29 August 2006
308 45 "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Lost" Richard Platt Sara Turner Sam 5 September 2006
309 46 "Better the Devil You Know" John Greening Paul Coates Mickie 6 September 2006
310 47 "Star Maker" John Greening Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Mickie 12 September 2006
Mickie Hendrie departs.
311 48 "Just Another Day" Christopher King Mark Cairns Lola 19 September 2006
312 49 "Now or Never" Christopher King Andrew Holden Tricia 26 September 2006
313 50 "Taking Liberties" Fraser MacDonald Mark Catley Elliot 3 October 2006
314 51 "If The Heart Lies" Fraser MacDonald Peter Lloyd Elliot 10 October 2006
315 52 "Moondance" Nigel Douglas Tony McHale Donna 17 October 2006
Bradley Hume and Red Lund depart, Gina Hope dies.
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