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Series 3 was the third series of Holby City. It consisted of 30 episodes which ran from 5 October 2000 before concluding on 5 June 2001.


Following its second series run of 16 episodes, the third series of Holby City ran for an extended 30 hour-long episodes. The series initially aired on Thursday nights on BBC One, before moving back to its original Tuesday night timeslot. The show's scope was expanded with the addition of a children's ward, allowing for greater diversification in patient storylines. While the series was in production, creator Mal Young deemed Holby City "the first successful new BBC1 one-hour drama format", in contrast to the failed programmes Harbour Lights and Sunburn. Although Young had once favoured soap opera stars in his casting, he reversed his position, explaining: "We're all guilty of grabbing a face, but it's a short-term gimmick. Viewers see right through it. It's the scripts that count. On the other hand, the soaps are so prevalent it's hard to find someone who hasn't been in one."


Highest Centric Tally - Victoria Merrick (5 centric episodes)

The series welcomed Janice Taylor, Alex Adams, Sam Kennedy, Steve Waring, Keri McGrath, Sandy Harper, Liam Evans and one of the longest serving characters Chrissie Williams. The series saw the departures of Kirstie Collins, Mike Barratt, Jasmine Hopkins, Julie Fitzjohn and the death of Victoria Merrick.

Main characters

Name Role Ward Played by Notes
Anton Meyer Clinical director,

consultant cardiothoracic surgeon

Darwin George Irving 2 centric episodes
Mike Barratt Consultant general surgeon Keller Clive Mantle Until episode 30, 2 centric episodes
Janice Taylor Consultant pediatrician Otter Siobhan Redmond From episode 2, 2 centric episodes
Kirstie Collins Specialist registrar, cardiology Darwin Dawn McDaniel Until episode 6, 1 centric episode
Tash Bandara Specialist registrar, general surgery Keller Thusitha Jayasundera 2 centric episodes
Alex Adams Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Jeremy Sheffield From episode 1, 4 centric episodes
Victoria Merrick Senior house officer, cardiothoracic surgery / pediatrics Darwin/Otter Lisa Faulkner Until episode 26, 5 centric episodes
Sam Kennedy Senior house officer, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Colette Brown From episode 19
Jasmine Hopkins Nurse practitioner Keller Angela Griffin Until episode 30, 3 centric episodes
Kath Shaughnessy Ward sister Keller Jan Pearson 1 centric episode
Julie Fitzjohn / Bradford Ward sister Darwin Nicola Stephenson Until episode 29, 3 centric episodes
Steve Waring Charge nurse Otter Peter De Jersey From episode 2, 2 centric episodes
Chrissie Williams Ward sister Darwin Tina Hobley From episode 30
Keri McGrath Peadiatric outreach nurse, staff nurse Otter Anna Mountford From episode 2, 1 centric episode
Sandy Harper Staff nurse Darwin Laura Sadler From episode 1
Liam Evans Agency nurse / staff nurse Keller Adrian Lewis Morgan From episode 15
Danny Shaughnessy Healthcare assistant / student nurse Keller/Otter Jeremy Edwards 1 centric episode

Recurring Characters

Name Role Ward Played by Notes
Stan Ashleigh Healthcare assistant Darwin, Otter Paul Shane From episode 5
Martin Bradford Relative - Kenneth Anderson Episodes 9-29
Alistair Taylor Relative - Dominic Jephcott From episode 15
Guy Morton Consultant plastic surgeon Plastics Paul Blackthorne Episodes 18-30
Miranda Locke Patient Otter Sheridan Smith Episodes 25-30
Sunil Gupta Locum senior house officer, peadiatrics Otter Hari Dhillon From episode 26






Title Director Writer Centric Character Original airdate
26 1 "The Deep End" Julie Edwards Peter Jukes Jasmine 5 October 2000
27 2 "Too Much, Too Young" Jim Goddard Michael Jenner Victoria 12 October 2000
28 3 "The Right Thing" Jim Goddard Jenny Lecoat Mike 19 October 2000
29 4 "First Impressions" Brett Fallis Steve Lawson Julie 9 November 2000
30 5 "Against All Odds" Jim Shields Maurice Bessman Kirstie 16 November 2000
31 6 "Moving On" Jim Shields Lynne Dallow Keri 23 November 2000
32 7 "The Trouble with the Truth" Brett Fallis Colin Bytheway Jasmine 30 November 2000
33 8 "A Christmas Carol: Part 1" Adrian Bean Peter Pallister Julie 14 December 2000
34 9 "A Christmas Carol: Part 2" Adrian Bean Andrew Rattenbury Anton 21 December 2000
35 10 "Anyone Who Had a Heart" Julie Edwards Al Hunter Ashton Victoria 28 December 2000
36 11 "Extra Time" Indra Bhose Robert Fraser Janice 16 January 2001
37 12 "Runaway" Colin Bucksey Kate Wood Steve 23 January 2001
38 13 "Choices" Colin Bucksey Tony Lindsay Mike 30 January 2001
39 14 "Night Shift" Indra Bhose Leslie Stewart Alex 6 February 2001
40 15 "Winner Takes All" Brian Kelly Chris Webb Janice 13 February 2001
41 16 "For Better, For Worse" Brian Kelly Steve Lawson Tash 20 February 2001
42 17 "Tip of the Iceberg" Susanna White Colin Bytheway Tash 27 February 2001
43 18 "Borrowed Time" Kim Flitcroft Tony Lindsay Danny 6 March 2001
44 19 "Private Lives, Public Faces" Kim Flitcroft and Susanna White Al Hunter Ashton Alex 20 March 2001
45 20 "Family Ties" Susanna White Jeremy Front Julie 27 March 2001
46 21 "Snakes and Ladders" Mike Cocker Colin Bytheway Kath 3 April 2001
47 22 "A Change is Gonna Come" Mike Cocker Lillie Ferrari Steve 10 April 2001
48 23 "Going Gently" Beryl Richards Dan Sefton Victoria 17 April 2001
49 24 "Release" Beryl Richards Dan Sefton Victoria 24 April 2001
50 25 "I'm Not in Love" Jim Shields Leslie Stewart Victoria 1 May 2001
51 26 "Getting Even" Jim Shields Andrew Holden Alex 8 May 2001
52 27 "The Mourning After" Brett Fallis Colin Wyatt Alex 15 May 2001
53 28 "New Beginnings" Brett Fallis Ann Marie di Mambo Julie 22 May 2001
54 29 "Hearts and Flowers" Paul Wroblewski Colin Bytheway Jasmine 29 May 2001
55 30 "The Road Less Travelled" Paul Wroblewski Andrew Rattenbury Anton 5 June 2001
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