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Series 21 is the 21st series of Holby City. It commenced airing on 2 January 2019. The series will comprise 53 episodes - an increase from the previous series. The 45th episode will be the show's 1000th overall.

In February 2019, it was revealed that the 10th episode of the series would be the second part of a two-part crossover with sister show Casualty - the first since December 2005.[1]

This series saw numerous cast changes. From the first episode, Nic Jackman reprised his role as junior doctor Cameron Dunn as a main character; he last appeared as a guest in the final episode of series 19. Dawn Steele joined the main cast in the following episode as consultant Ange Godard; Amy Lennox made her first appearance as Ange's daughter, cardiothoracic registrar Chloe Godard, three weeks later. In January, it was announced that Ramin Karimloo would join the main cast in the spring as cardiothoracic consultant Kian Madani.[2] In June, it was announced that Jo Martin would join the cast in autumn as consultant neurosurgeon Max McGerry.

Series guest appearances


Denis Lawson reprised his role as Tom Campbell-Gore in the first episode of series 21.

The series opener saw the guest appearances of former series regular Denis Lawson and Sara Stewart as Tom Campbell-Gore and Professor Arianne Cornell respectively. Lawson made his last appearance on the show in the series 6 episode "If You Can't Do the Time...", which originally aired in May 2004. Meanwhile, Stewart's character, who made her first appearance in a Casualty episode - last appeared in the series 20 episode "Ready or Not". Jules Robertson continued his role as Jason Haynes, furthering his recurring role which began in the 18th series. Also continuing into series 21 was Jason's wife Greta Haynes. The 13th episode of the series saw the departure of cardiothoracic registrar Frieda Petrenko, portrayed by Olga Fedori, who first appeared on the show in February 2010.

In September, it was revealed that Camilla Arfwedson would reprise her role as cardiothoracic specialist registrar Zosia March for an extended guest stint in March.[3] She last appeared in the series 20 episode "The Prisoner" after making her final appearance as a main character in September 2017. She will return on 19 February.[4]

In November, it was announced that Jack Ryder would join the series on a recurring basis as consultant Evan Crowhurst, the boyfriend of registrar and fellow newcomer Chloe Godard.[5] Later that month, it was also announced that Daisy Wood-Davis would make an appearance as Evan's sister Phoebe Crowhurst; the episode she features in will air in spring.[6]

In December, Tom Campbell-Gore's guest appearance was officially announced, as well as the news that Sharon D Clarke would reprise her role as Lola Griffin for one episode as part of the show's 20th anniversary.[7] The show's winter trailer also revealed the returns of Carole Copeland, Patricia Ghraoui and Roman Makarenko, portrayed by Julia Deakin, Sirine Saba and Marko Leht respectively.[8] . Roman, Frieda Petrenko's former boyfriend, returned in episode 4.[9] Carole, Dominic Copeland's mother, reappeared three weeks later in episode 7.[10] Patricia will reappear in episode 9.[11] Simon Harper confirmed that he was in talks with other former cast members about reappearing in the series.[7] Debbie Chazen also revealed, via her Twitter account, that she would return to the series as obstetrician Fleur Fanshawe in a future episode.[12]

Episode 4 saw the third appearance of Briana Shann as Mia Barron.[9] The following week saw Emma Curtis' first appearance as young patient Holly Cartwright and Philip Whitchurch as Jim Mullins.[13] Félicité Du Jeu made her return as politician Françoise Durand in episode 6; she made her last appearance on the show in the series 19 episode "Enigma". In the same episode, Marianne Oldman made her first appearance as Holly Cartwright's mother Ruth Cooper.[14] Holly's father Michael Cartwright, portrayed by Christopher Harper, appeared for the first time in the following episode.[10]

On 15 February, it was announced that two crossover episodes between Holby City and its sister show Casualty would air in March. In the second part, which will air in Holby City's time slot, nine Casualty regulars will make guest appearances, including former Holby City character Connie Beauchamp, portrayed by Amanda Mealing.[15] In the same episode, Francesca Barrett and Naomi Katiyo will reprise their roles as Beka Levy and Darla Johnstone respectively.[16]


For a listing of character appearances in this series, see Character appearances#Series 21.

Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
956 1 "Everything Old Is New Again" Tracey Rooney Katie Douglas 2 January 2019
957 2 "China Crisis" Ian Barnes Joe Ainsworth 8 January 2019
958 3 "The Burden of Proof" Ian Barnes Gerard Sampaio 15 January 2019
959 4 "A Daring Adventure or Nothing at All" Daikin Marsh Isla Gray 22 January 2019
960 5 "Mad as Hell" Daikin Marsh Martin Jameson 29 January 2019
961 6 "Force Majeure" Ruth Carney Elliot Hope and Johanne McAndrew 5 February 2019
962 7 "Good Side" Ruth Carney Ed Sellek 12 February 2019
963 8 "Never Say Never" Waris Islam Nick Fisher and Patrick Holmes 19 February 2019
964 9 "Guts" Waris Islam Martin Jameson and Patrick Holmes 26 February 2019
965 10 "Powerless" Steve Brett Michelle Lipton 5 March 2019
966 11 "A Simple Lie - Part One" Julie Edwards Patrick Homes 19 March 2019
967 12 "A Simple Lie - Part Two" Nimer Rashed Patrick Homes 20 March 2019
968 13 "Running" Stuart Jones Tony Higgins 26 March 2019
969 14 "Ask No Questions" Stuart Jones Michelle Lipton and Kathrine Smith 2 April 2019
970 15 "The Family Way" Emma Lindley Becky Prestwich 9 April 2019
971 16 "North and South" David Innes Edwards Joe Ainsworth 16 April 2019
972 17 "Pleased to Meet You" Jamie Annett Ed Sellek 23 April 2019
973 18 "Vinegar and Honey" Jamie Annett Ed Sellek 30 April 2019
974 19 "Ex Marks the Spot" Michael Lacey Joe Ainsworth 7 May 2019
975 20 "The Wrong Horse" Michael Lacey Nick Fisher 14 May 2019
976 21 "Unredeemed" Karl Neilson Andy Bayliss 21 May 2019
977 22 "Bloodline" Karl Neilson Ed Sellek and Patrick Cash 28 May 2019
978 23 "In the Right Place" Jermain Julien Ed Sellek 4 June 2019
979 24 "Over My Dead Body" Jermain Julien Joe Ainsworth 11 June 2019
980 25 "Pigeon" Paulette Randall Andy Bayliss 20 June 2019
981 26 "Kiss Kiss" Paulette Randall Katie Douglas, Andy Bayliss, Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 25 June 2019
982 27 "Flying Solo" Sean Glynn Martin Jameson 9 July 2019
983 28 "Reckless" Sean Glynn Nick Fisher 10 July 2019
984 29 "Honeymoon" Tracey Rooney Gerard Sampaio 16 July 2019
985 30 "Don't Leave Me" Tracey Rooney Alisa Macauley 23 July 2019
986 31 "Things My Mother Told Me" Waris Islam Martin Jameson 30 July 2019
987 32 "When Worlds Collide" Waris Islam Andrew Rattenbury 6 August 2019
988 33 "Work-Life Balance" Julie Edwards Simon Norman 13 August 2019
989 34 "Where Does It Hurt?" Julie Edwards Ed Sellek 20 August 2019
990 35 "Babysitters and Bystanders" David Innes Edwards Ed Sellek 27 August 2019
991 36 "The Perfect Storm" David Innes Edwards Joe Ainsworth and Sam Wheats 3 September 2019
992 37 "Gods and Monsters" Michael Lacey Alex Straker 10 September 2019
993 38 "Circle of Life" Michael Lacey Alison Hume 17 September 2019
994 39 "Retreat" Steve Brett Andy Bayliss 24 September 2019
995 40 "Divine Justice" Jamie Annett Andy Bayliss 1 October 2019
996 41 "This Be the Verse" Jamie Annett George Holden Stroud 8 October 2019
997 42 "Hope Is a Powerful Drug" Griff Rowland Simon Norman 15 October 2019
998 43 "Promise" Griff Rowland Patrick Homes 22 October 2019
999 44 "Hubble Bubble" Tracey Rooney Joe Ainsworth 29 October 2019
1000 45 "Remember, Remember" Tracey Rooney Joe Ainsworth 5 November 2019


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