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Series 2 was the second series of Holby City. It consisted of 16 episodes which ran from 25 November 1999 before concluding on 9 March 2000.


Following its first series run of nine 50 minute episodes, the second series of Holby City ran for an extended 16 hour-long episodes. The series aired on BBC One, and moved from Tuesdays to Thursday nights.


The series featured an ensemble cast of characters in the medical profession. Returning from the show's first series were George Irving as consultant Anton Meyer, Michael French and Dawn McDaniel as registrars Nick Jordan and Kirstie Collins, Lisa Faulkner as senior house officer Victoria Merrick, Sarah Preston and Angela Griffin as ward sisters Karen Newburn and Jasmine Hopkins, Nicola Stephenson as nurse Julie Fitzjohn, and Ian Curtis as senior staff nurse Ray Sykes. The series also introduced Clive Mantle as general surgical consultant Mike Barratt, Jan Pearson as ward sister Kath Shaughnessy, Jeremy Edwards as Kath's son, healthcare assistant Danny Shaughnessy, and Thusitha Jayasundera as general surgical registrar Tash Bandara. Mantle had previously played the same character in Casualty. French departed from the show during the course of the series, and Preston and Curtis did not return for series three. French attributed his departure to the programme becoming "uninteresting and formulaic", commenting: "There should be drama on television which is constantly challenging the audience. Not what the big bosses think will bring in the ratings. Someone has got to be brave and revolutionary." The series also featured a number of guest-stars in patient roles, including Paul Copley and Annette Badland.

Highest Centric Tally - Jasmine Hopkins / Nick Jordan (3 centric episodes)

Main characters

Character Role Ward Actor/Actress Notes
Anton Meyer Clinical director, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin George Irving 1 centric episode
Mike Barratt Consultant general surgeon Keller Clive Mantle From episode 5
Nick Jordan Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Michael French Until episode 14, 3 centric episodes
Kirstie Collins Specialist registrar, cardiology Darwin Dawn McDaniel 1 centric episode
Tash Bandara Specialist registrar, general surgery Keller Thusitha Jayasundera From episode 5
Victoria Merrick Pre-registration house officer / senior house officer, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Lisa Faulkner 2 centric episodes
Jasmine Hopkins Deputy ward sister / nurse practitioner Darwin/Keller Angela Griffin 3 centric episodes
Karen Newburn Ward sister Darwin Sarah Preston 1 centric episode. until episode 16
Kath Shaughnessy Ward sister Keller Jan Pearson 1 centric episode. from episode 5
Ray Sykes Senior staff nurse Darwin Ian Curtis 1 centric episode, until episode 16
Julie Fitzjohn Staff nurse Darwin Nicola Stephenson 1 centric episode
Danny Shaughnessy Healthcare assistant Keller Jeremy Edwards 1 centric episode, from episode 1






Title Director Writer Centric


Original airdate
10 1 "Search for the Hero" Michael Owen Morris Joe Turner Jasmine Hopkins 25 November 1999
11 2 "Puppy Love" Michael Owen Morris Len Collin Karen Newburn 2 December 1999
12 3 "Destination Unknown" Jim Goddard Steve Bennett Nick Jordan 9 December 1999
13 4 "You Can Choose Your Friends" Jim Goddard Carol Noble Victoria Merrick 16 December 1999
14 5 "Knife Edge" Jamie Annett Al Hunter Ashton Danny Shaughnessy 23 December 1999
15 6 "Tidings of Comfort and Joy" Jamie Annett Tony McHale Jasmine Hopkins 30 December 1999
16 7 "Chasing the Dragon" Julie Edwards Sam Wheats Anton Meyer 7 January 2000
17 8 "A Marriage of Convenience" Julie Edwards Len Collin Nick Jordan 13 January 2000
18 9 "A Life Worth Saving" Jamie Annett Al Hunter Ashton Kirstie Collins 20 January 2000
19 10 "Staying Out" Jamie Annett Maurice Bessman Julie Fitzjohn 27 January 2000
20 11 "Trust" Jim Goddard Niall Leonard Victoria Merrick 3 February 2000
21 12 "Faith" Jim Goddard Al Hunter Ashton Tash Bandara 10 February 2000
22 13 "Letting Go" Kay Patrick Paul Wheeler Jasmine Hopkins 17 February 2000
23 14 "Dispossessed" Kay Patrick Danny Miller Nick Jordan 24 February 2000
24 15 "Taking It on the Chin" Michael Owen Morris Jeff Povey Kath Shaughnessy 2 March 2000
25 16 "Into the Woods" Michael Owen Morris Jeff Povey Ray Sykes 9 March 2000
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