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Series 19 is the nineteenth series of Holby City. It commenced airing on 11 October 2016.

Production & Reception Edit

The series began airing on Tuesday nights on BBC One from 11 October 2016. Oliver Kent continues his role as the executive producer of the show, while Simon Harper serves as the series producer. Kent was appointed Head of Continuing Drama Series for BBC Scripted Studios in late 2016. Harper was subsequently appointed executive producer of the show, with Kate Hall taking over as the show's series producer. Story conferencing for the series began on 15 March 2016. The series will consist of 64 episodes.

In August 2017, storylines from series 19, including Dom's domestic abuse, Jasmine's death and Mo and Mr T's relationship, were included in the longlist for Best Drama Storyline at the Inside Soap Awards.

Cast Edit

Highest Centric Tally - Dominic Copeland (7 centric episodes)

The series saw the arrivals of neurosurgical professor John Gaskell, F1s Meena Chowdhury and Nicky McKendrick.

There were also main characters who arrived and departed in the series, e.g. medical director Nina Karnik, cardiothoracic consultant Matteo Rossini and F1 Damon Ford.

The series saw the returns of trauma surgeon Bernie Wolfe who originally departed for a short period of time in series 18, who later departed aswell, AAU staff nurse Donna Jackson, who last appeared in series 13 as Keller ward sister, neurosurgical consultant Roxanna MacMillan, who was previously a recurring character in series 15 and cardiothoracic registrar Frieda Petrenko, who guest appeared in series 17 and was a main character in series 12-14 as AAU ward sister and later F1 and F2.

The series saw the departures of cardiothoracic consultant Mo Effanga, neurosurgical ST3 Zosia March, general surgical CT1 Morven Digby, consultant surgeons Serena Campbell and Bernie Wolfe and the deaths of general surgical registrar Raf di Lucca and F1 Jasmine Burrows. Guy Self departed in the beginning of series 19 but returned as a recurring character in summer and autumn of the same series.

Character Role Ward Played by Notes
Henrik Hanssen CEO, consultant general surgeon Keller Guy Henry Until episode 3, episode 13, from episode 18, 5 centric episodes
Nina Karnik Medical director,

consultant general surgeon

AAU Ayesha Dharker Episodes 31-60,

2 centric episodes

John Gaskell Professor of medicine,

director of surgical innovations, consultant neurosurgeon

Darwin Paul McGann From episode 61
Ric Griffin Acting CEO, Clinical lead,

consultant general surgeon

Keller/AAU Hugh Quarshie 1 centric episode
Jac Naylor Clinical lead,

consultant cardiothoracic surgeon

Darwin Rosie Marcel 5 centric episodes
Sacha Levy Clinical lead,

consultant general surgeon

Keller Bob Barrett 2 centric episodes
Serena Campbell Co-clinical lead,

consultant general surgeon

AAU Catherine Russell Until episode 26,

5 centric episodes

Bernie Wolfe Trauma lead, co-clinical lead, consultant general and

trauma surgeon

AAU Jemma Redgrave Episodes 7-44,

2 centric episodes

Guy Self Locum clinical lead,

consultant neurosurgeon

Darwin Neurosurgical Unit John Michie Until episode 6, episodes 43-51,

2 centric episodes

Mo Effanga Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Chizzy Akudolu Until episode 36,

5 centric episodes

Matteo Rossini Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Christian Vit Episodes 8-60,

3 centric episodes

Roxanna MacMillan Consultant neurosurgeon Darwin Neurosurgical Unit Hermione Gulliford From episode 55
Oliver Valentine Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic / general / cardiothoracic surgery Darwin/AAU/Darwin James Anderson 3 centric episodes
Raf Di Lucca Specialist registrar, general surgery AAU/Keller/AAU Joe McFadden Until episode 62
Dominic Copeland Core training year 1/2 / specialist registrar, general surgery Keller David Ames 7 centric episodes
Frieda Petrenko Specialist registrar,

cardiothoracic surgery

Darwin Olga Fedori Returning episode 63
Zosia March Core training 1/2 / specialty training year 3, neurosurgery Darwin Camilla Arfwedson Until episode 51, 5 centric episodes
Morven Digby Foundation training year 2 /

core training year 1

AAU Eleanor Fanyinka Until episode 64, 5 centric episodes
Jasmine Burrows Foundation training year 1 Keller/AAU Lucinda Dryzek Until episode 37, 3 centric episodes
Damon Ford Foundation training year 1 Darwin David Ajao Episodes 35-59,

1 centric episode

Meena Chowdhury Foundation training year 1 Keller Salma Hoque From episode 63
Nicky McKendrick Foundation training year 1 AAU Belinda Owusu From episode 63
Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher Ward manager / director of nursing services AAU/Darwin Alex Walkinshaw 3 centric episodes
Essie Harrison Transplant coordinator, staff nurse Keller Kaye Wragg 1 centric episode
Donna Jackson Staff nurse AAU Jaye Jacobs Returning episode 38, 2 centric episodes
Ben "Lofty" Chiltern Staff nurse Keller/AAU Lee Mead From episode 32, former Casualty regular, 2 centric episodes

Recurring characters Edit

Character Role Ward Played by Notes
Derwood Thompson Consultant obstetrician & gyneacologist Obs & Gynea Ben Hull Until episode 36
Isaac Mayfield Specialist registrar, general surgery Keller Marc Elliot Until episode 27
Emma Naylor-Maconie Relative Darcey Burke
Jason Haynes Clinical audit assistant / porter AAU Jules Robertson
Tristan Wood Chairman Jonathan McGuinness Until episode 6
Inga Olsen Bank nurse Darwin Kaisa Hammarlund Until episode 13
Cameron Dunn Foundation training year 1 / relative AAU Nic Jackman Until episode 15, episode 31, episode 64
Fredrik Johanssen Relative, patient / specialist registrar, general surgery Keller Billy Postlethwaite Episode 18, episodes 48-59, Episode 62
Sydney Somers Agency nurse AAU Gemma Oaten Episodes 27-28
Fran Reynolds Patient / staff nurse AAU Carli Norris Episodes 32-40
Carole Copeland Relative, patient Julia Deakin Episodes 14, 42
Jeremy Warren Relative Nick Rhys From episode 53-63
David Hopkins Professor of medicine,

relative, patient

Fraser James Episodes 58, 61-62

Guest Characters Edit

Character Role Ward Played by Notes
Imelda Cousins Observer Tessa Peake-Jones Episode 3, previously appeared as the acting CEO in 2013
Elinor Campbell Relative, patient Amy McCallum Episodes 12-13, previously appeared in 2013 and 2012
Henrik Hanssen Best man of Mr. T Guy Henry Episode 13, Holby regular
Jez Andrews Paramedic Lloyd Everitt Episodes 16-17, Casualty regular, previously appeared in 2016
Noel Garcia Reception Manager ED Tony Marshall Episode 23, Casualty regular
Robyn Miller Staff nurse ED Amanda Henderson Episode 32, Casualty regular
Amira Zafar Agency nurse Poppy Jhkara Episodes 53, 56, previously appeared in Casualty
Arthur Digby Former core training year 2 Keller Rob Ostlere Episode 64, former Holby regular


Episode Series Title Director Writer Centric character Original airdate
840 1 "Into the Abyss" Steve Brett Ailsa Macaulay Jasmine 11 October 2016
Jasmine gets herself into trouble as she battles her hangover while working with Ric. Things take a turn for the worse when she finds comfort speaking to Tristan Wood, using him as her confidant. Elsewhere, Zosia refuses to emotionally engage with a terminally ill patient who reminds her of Arthur. Not wanting to face the fact that she wasn't there for Arthur in death, she learns that she needs to let go. But is there more to her behaviour than meets the eye? Meanwhile, Raf is positive about stepping up his career, but when a charismatic female patient comes in, he questions whether he should actually be spending more time living his life instead of putting work first.
841 2 "Rocket Man" Steve Brett Peter Mattessi Zosia 18 October 2016
After she overhears Tristan and Guy planning to take a theatre away from CT, Zosia goes all out to impress Tristan. But after weeks of not properly treating her bipolar disorder, Zosia's attempts prove dangerous to both herself and her patient. Essie meets 14-year-old Parker after his mum Kim is admitted for a second day in a row after another fall. Essie begins to question Kim's reasons for injuring herself so frequently and lands herself in hot water when she voices her suspicions to Parker. Morven keeps a patient at arm's length when he flirts but finds herself growing fond of him after she witnesses him in a moment of vulnerability.
842 3 "Black Dog" James Bryce Patrick Homes Henrik 25 October 2016
Ric has been suspended and Tristan is on the prowl. An ever watchful Hanssen pays a heavy price when he takes Jasmine under his wing. When Ollie doubts a patient's credibility and questions Zosia's judgment, the ex-lovers clash. Determined to protect Zosia at any cost, Ollie is blown away by a startling revelation. Aware that she is subject of gossip and struggling to manage her feelings for Bernie, Serena is unprepared for what unfolds on AAU.

Note: Temporary departure of Henrik Hanssen

843 4 "Somebody to Love" James Bryce Ed Sellek Serena 1 November 2016
After saving a life in a near-death trauma case, an overconfident Morven clashes with Raf when he is not convinced that her motives are purely professionally. When Tristan asks Guy for a personal favour, Zosia warns Guy that Tristan is not to be trusted. But Guy strikes a deal with Tristan and his reputation hangs in the balance. When his living habits are called into question, a determined Dominic fights to prove his worth to Isaac but is unprepared for the consequences of his actions.
844 5 "Song of Self - Part One" Paulette Randall Kate Verghese Guy 8 November 2016
When Tristan Wood's mistress is admitted in suspicious circumstances, Guy discovers the awful truth about their relationship. Will he do the right thing, even if it jeopardises the launch of his eponymous Neurosurgical Unit? Serena has a one night stand with old flame Robbie and is shocked to discover he has a suspected cancerous lump. Will his brush with mortality reunite them, or will Serena's feelings for Bernie scupper a happy ending? Ric is given an ultimatum by Tristan Wood - sign a proposal which will lead to the dismantling of Keller ward or face extinction himself. Is pragmatism the best policy, or will Ric take the moral high ground and face the consequences?
845 6 "Song of Self - Part Two" Paulette Randall Kate Verghese Guy 15 November 2016
Guy operates on brain-damaged Tristan, compromised because he knows Tristan violently attacked both Jemima and Zosia. Will he keep his counsel to further his ambition? Or will he do the right thing and jeopardise the opening of his much-publicised vanity project, the new Guy Self Neurosurgical Unit? When Kim bumps into Raf at the hospital, there's romance in the air. But when it turns out Kim has been economical with the truth and a serious medical condition is diagnosed, a stunned Raf is forced to reassess their relationship. Post his break-up with Essie, Sacha is down in the dumps, particularly when it seems Essie is enthusiastically enjoying singleton life. He's encouraged by Dominic to embrace internet dating but does he risk becoming someone he's not?

Note: Departure of John Michie as Guy Self

846 7 "The Kill List" Toby Frow Jeff Povey Sacha 22 November 2016
Isaac is elated when he receives a research grant, and he tries to keep the personal and professional separate when he's on the hunt for a new research assistant. Dom and an ambitious Jasmine go head to head for the role, but lovestruck Dom will do anything to get what he wants. Inga's envy over the closeness of Mo and Mr T continues to drive a wedge between her and her fiance. But when she starts to sense there is far more to Mo and Mr T than just friendship, Inga will stop at nothing to keep her man. Bernie returns to Holby and tries to reconcile with Serena, but it won't be easy - Serena claims to be firmly over her. With Jason around though, secrets won't be kept for long. Will the couple reconcile?

Note: Return of Bernie Wolfe

847 8 "Parasite" Toby Frow Simon Norman Matteo 29 November 2016
The arrival of Italian stallion Matteo immediately irritates Jac, and his popularity on the ward does nothing to lift her mood. When she discovers Matteo's past misdemeanours, however, she throws down the gauntlet. This is war. Dominic starts to adjust to Jasmine being Isaac's assistant; at least he's got the man even if he didn't get the job. But when Dominic gets emotionally embroiled in a challenging case, it exposes cracks in his relationship with Isaac. Is Isaac all he seems? Bernie thinks the biggest challenge of the day will be keeping her relationship with Serena under wraps. She's shocked therefore to discover that her son Cameron is now an F1 on her ward. Can she put their splintered relationship back on track?

Note: Arrival of Matteo Rossini

848 9 "Glass Houses" Jan Bauer Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Jac 6 December 2016
When test results confirm that Jac has a cyst on one of her ovaries, Mr T is concerned. But Jac doesn't want to engage with her own health issues and focuses her attention on her patient who happens to be Jonny Maconie's brother. Raf is surprised when Kim's son Parker is admitted, having vomited up blood. He realises that Parker's mum's medical condition has hit the boy hard, and that he needs some time out from her. Fletch feels concerned when a cheeky yet vulnerable patient with a gambling habit is admitted. Fletch soon realises that all is not what it seems.
849 10 "Hallelujah" Jan Bauer Becky Prestwich and Nick Fisher Zosia 13 December 2016
When Kim gets positive news regarding her kidney treatment, Essie must deal with the imminent departure of Parker, who has been staying with her. Desperate not to lose him, Essie takes decisive action

only for a sympathetic Sacha to try and talk her round. Ollie is devastated when Matteo reveals he plans to ask Zosia out. Unable to admit his true feelings, will Ollie lose Zosia forever? Morven struggles to master her role as teacher, particularly with the unruly Cameron. After some advice from Jasmine and Bernie, Cameron and Morven realise that they actually get on much better than they'd previously thought.

850 11 "The Nightmare Before Christmas" David Tucker Katie Douglas Dom 20 December 2016
A terrifying blast from the past upsets Dom's plans for a perfect Christmas with Isaac. In true Naylor fashion, Jac pushes her closest friend away as she waits for life-changing news. Fletch is unnerved when he hears from his estranged father, but will it ruin AAU's Christmas?
851 12 "Just Get on With It" David Tucker Simon Norman Jasmine 27 December 2016
Mo strives to suppress her true feelings for Mr T but, with his wedding looming, can she lie? Chucked off Darwin, and then Keller, it's Jasmine's last chance on AAU under a steely Serena. Essie and Raf come to blows over a testing patient, but it's a thin line between lust and hate.
852 13 "I Do, I Do, I Do" Dermot Boyd Michelle Lipton Mo 3 January 2017
Mo puts on a brave face at Mr T's wedding. When she discovers that Inga has faked her pregnancy, Mo declares her love to Derwood. When Serena and her daughter argue, Elinor storms off.

In the terrible accident which follows, Jason heroically tries to save Serena's life. Catastrophic injuries are the result. Bernie attempts to avert a tragedy with her surgical skill.

Note: Guest appearance of Guy Henry as Henrik Hanssen

853 14 "Aces High" Jennie Darnell Joe Ainsworth Dom 10 January 2017
Oliver must compete for both funding and Jac's support when Matteo pitches a tempting rival project. Dominic tries to keep his relationship with Isaac a secret from his ever-embarrassing parents. Cameron wrestles with his feelings for Morven on his last day at Holby City.
854 15 "Stick or Twist" Jennie Darnell Joe Ainsworth Bernie 18 January 2017
When Artem returns to the AAU with a life-threatening condition, Fletch must fight to preserve his friend's self-proclaimed 'lucky day'. Little does Fletch know his own luck is about to change for ever. When Sacha begins to suspect Essie and Raf are hiding a relationship from him, he desperately revels in the attentions of a well-to-do patient. But does his pride mask a dark secret about his time away? After winning her support for his stent project, Matteo is determined to woo Jac romantically. The arrival of Jac's supposed old flame on Darwin might provide Matteo with the key to her heart.
855 16 "Daylight" Karl Neilson Patrick Homes & Gareth Sargeant Mo 24 January 2017
Mo returns from maternity leave and has doubts about putting her job on hold for a year so that she and Mr T can go to Sweden with their newborn son. When she gets emotionally involved with her patient, she realises where her passion lies. Dominic is confident that he is going away with Isaac to Hawaii, but when he realises he has to work hard to win his place on the research trip, he soon realises that all is not what it seems. Fletch struggles to come to terms with the fact that he has inherited a lot of money having lived so frugally with his four kids.
856 17 "Of Lions and Lambs" Karl Neilson Patrick Homes Serena 31 January 2017
A grief-stricken Serena returns to work looking for answers, but when she doesn't find what she's looking for, her focus soon turns to retribution. Dominic is left devastated when Isaac returns from his work conference with a revelation. Through the day, Dominic is reminded of his old life, and fears about not being good enough for love resurface, leading him to make a questionable decision to protect their relationship. Ollie freaks out when he finds an engagement ring in a box apparently deemed as tat by Zosia. However, with time he reconsiders his options - just as Zosia reveals the box is not in fact tat but one of her most treasured possessions. Are 'Zollie' ready for marriage?
857 18 "Losing Game" Steve Brett Kate Verghese, Patrick Homes & Andy Bayliss Serena 7 February 2017
Dom and co are thrown into turmoil when they tend to a crash victim and are shocked when the patient brings the unexpected return of a familiar face to Holby. With Jasmine eager to learn and Serena determined to mentor her in her own way, things take a nasty turn when Jasmine reveals some gut-wrenching news to a barely coping Serena. Wary of being the subject of gossip, Jac warns an openly demonstrative Matteo to keep quiet about their relationship. When Zosia and Ollie start to behave oddly, Jac fears that Matteo has revealed all. But has he?

Note: Return of Guy Henry as Henrik Hanssen

858 19 "Four Letter Word" Steve Brett Tony Higgins & Andy Bayliss Oliver 14 February 2017
Will Jac finally acknowledge her feelings for Matteo or will she revert to type? Bernie sees through Serena's attempts to keep everything normal, but will it make or break them? Raf is determined to keep it professional when Kim reaches out for help.
859 20 "What We Pretend to Be" Jamie Annett Owen Lloyd-Fox Dom 21 February 2017
When Isaac suspects Dominic's spent the night with another man, he's consumed with jealousy and provokes a vulnerable patient, resulting in a violent incident. Isaac admits he needs help, but is he able to be truly honest with Dominic? Mo and Mr T have decided on their respective roles as full-time surgeon and stay-at-home dad. But a challenging cardiac case and Hector's suspected meningitis leads them to reevaluate their decision. Serena's abrasiveness towards Jasmine worries Morven, but Jasmine doesn't appreciate her interference. Is Serena hard on Jasmine because she feels she has the makings of an excellent doctor, or is there an alternative explanation?
860 21 "The Price We Pay" Jamie Annett Chris Murray Serena 28 February 2017
Though surprised he's going to be a father of twins, Raf enthusiastically plans for a future with Kim. However, when Kim is accused of a series of deceptions, his hopes and dreams could be dashed. Devastated by the loss of her daughter, Serena channels her grief into a campaign of intimidation directed at Jasmine. Can she admit she has a problem before she inflicts irreparable emotional damage on both herself and her mentee? Matteo wants Jac to share more of her life with him. But when Hanssen alludes to his lies catching up with him, Matteo reassesses his position. How can he expect Jac to involve him more in her life, when he's been economical with the truth about his?
861 22 "Other People's Dreams" Ian Barnes Patrick Homes Morven 7 March 2017
Jasmine exhausts herself preparing to join Serena for prestigious surgery, where she can finally prove herself to Jac. But does her reluctance to confide in best friend Morven conceal a dark secret? Essie worries the truth about Kim's arrest will drive Parker away. When he arrives at the hospital following a fight at school, Essie must decide to come clean or lose him forever. Oliver claims he has let go of his anger toward Jac for abandoning their research project, but his new zen outlook is tested when Jac and Matteo receive funding for their improved stent. Can Oliver finally learn to stop overthinking and truly move on?
862 23 "The Hangover" Ian Barnes Simon Norman Dom 14 March 2017
After a night of heavy drinking, Dominic is shocked when a patient accuses Isaac of supplying drugs and abandoning him in the ED. Dominic pieces together the events of the night before, but how far will he go to keep Isaac's name in the clear? Fletch makes a shocking discovery about Nathan, the man Morven has been messaging. But will she find out the truth? Zosia's personal and professional equilibrium is turned upside down.
863 24 "Growing Pains" Jermain Julien Wendy Granditer Essie 21 March 2017
Essie is shocked when Parker turns up at the hospital. He's been on the run and now needs her to help his injured friend. Zosia harbours a secret from Ollie, and is horrified to learn that Isaac knows what it is. Fletch is relieved when Serena steps in to help him with his daughter's adolescent woes.
864 25 "Unbreakable" Jermain Julien Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Dom 28 March 2017
Dom and Isaac clash professionally over a patient's treatment, leaving Dom to reconsider their personal relationship. When Dom takes a stand against Isaac, he finds himself at the receiving end of his boyfriend's temper. Serena finds it increasingly difficult to escape her grief when a patient arrives on AAU who reminds her of Elinor's recent death. When Jasmine discovers some vital information about the patient, she finds herself in Serena's crossfire all over again. When he is forced to reflect on his relationship with Zosia, Ollie makes an important decision about their future.
865 26 "It's Only Love If It Hurts" Karl Neilson Nick Fisher Bernie 4 April 2017
When an emotionally weary Jasmine makes a life-changing decision, Serena is brought up short by the pain she has caused. A determined Bernie offers Serena support but fears it has come too late. Dominic reveals the extent of Isaac's cruelty, and Zosia seizes a chance to help her friend but gets more than she bargained for. Mo reels after being confronted by a challenging view of motherhood when a pregnant woman makes a difficult choice.

Note: Temporary departure of Catherine Russell as Serena Campbell

866 27 "Someone to Look After Me" Karl Neilson Patrick Homes Dom 11 April 2017
With Isaac in denial of his violent actions, a broken Dominic struggles to hold it together. But when a welcome face from the past arrives on Keller, Dominic is given an injection of strength. Will it be enough? With his fortunes finally on the up, Fletch is determined to maintain a positive outlook on life. But when a fiery new agency nurse arrives on his ward, Fletch's positivity drains away - and a revelation leaves him reeling. Matteo takes it upon himself to unite Jac and Jasmine, who are further apart then ever after Jasmine's ordeal with Serena. But are his good intentions driven by a deeper motive than might meet the eye?
867 28 "Past Imperfect" James Larkin Becky Prestwich Jasmine 18 April 2017
Jac and Matteo's relationship seems to be heading in the right direction, but when Jac becomes suspicious of Matteo's motives, she is led to investigate further - has she stumbled upon Pandora's box? Dominic is due to give evidence to the police against Isaac but is wrestling with condemning the man he still loves. Will he do the right thing and confront the agonising truth? After coming into money, Fletch prepares to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with his children, but his plans are thrown into disarray when he is threatened with legal action.
868 29 "Two Hearts" James Larkin Katie Douglas Matteo 25 April 2017
Jac and Matteo's relationship is still fraught following Jac's shocking discovery. However, when Jac and Matteo bump heads over a pioneering procedure, it becomes clear that they need to stop the personal encroaching on the professional - but has the rot already set in? Following on from Sacha's recent health scare, it becomes clear to Essie that he's at a low ebb. But when Sacha puts himself in a difficult situation, Essie is the only one he can turn to. Can he muster up enough bravery to ask for the help he needs? Ric is determined to run AAU like a tight ship, but just as he begins to get things in order, a shock guest sends him into a tailspin.
869 30 "Gold Star" Lisa Mulcahy Ed Sellek Mo 2 May 2017
Mo juggles her return to work with motherhood. But when Derwood's overbearing mother, Birdie, is admitted on the same day as pregnant heart patient Trixie, can Mo treat both women and prove she can

have it all? And can Birdie find true love with Henrik Hanssen, her Swedish Mr Darcy? Ollie's methodical approach proves a poor match with the fast pace of Bernie's trauma unit. When Ollie goes behind Bernie's back to seek Ric's approval, he inadvertently causes a rift between the consultants and finds himself in deep water. When Essie finds a box of contraceptives in Parker's school bag, she steels herself to give him 'the talk'. Sacha revisits his own childhood when his first girlfriend, Raina, is admitted, and the secret of his romantic history goes viral.

870 31 "The Heart Is a Small Thing" Lisa Mulcahy Sian Evans Sacha 9 May 2017
Matteo is shocked when a familiar face arrives on Darwin and threatens to disrupt the new life he's created for himself at Holby. Will Matteo transfer his troublesome patient to St James' or do the right thing and save their life before the painful truth of his marriage is revealed to his colleagues? The Keller team worry about Dominic's return to work following the traumatic end to his relationship with Isaac. As Dominic struggles to prove he has recovered emotionally as well as physically, he locks horns with a deceitful patient who has a history of abusing the system for free cosmetic surgery. But is his patient truly a villain or another victim? While Bernie plans to bring her son Cameron back to Holby permanently, he and Morven fight against their feelings for one another. Will Morven repair her friendship with Jasmine and follow her advice to take a chance on love before Cameron rebels against his mother and leaves the country?

Note: Arrival of Ayesha Dharker as Nina Karnik

871 32 "Project Aurous" Jermain Julien Claire Miller Jac 16 May 2017
When someone from Jac's past arrives on Darwin with a medical condition, it puts her in a compromising professional position. Will she be able to juggle both the responsibilities of her job and the patient? A mystery agency nurse arrives on a busy Keller, but they are a bit rusty. Will they be able to get through the day without making a mistake? Oliver plans a big surprise for Zosia and ropes in Fletch who contributes a plethora of ideas, not exactly to Oliver's taste. Will he and Fletch be able to work together to crack the conundrum of a case they have on AAU?

Note: Arrival of Lee Mead as Ben "Lofty" Chiltern

872 33 "Enigma" Jermain Julien Peter Mattessi Fletch 23 May 2017
When a friend from Lofty's past is admitted to Keller, Lofty is forced to confront his colourful past. He soon realises that he can't ignore his demons and needs to put things right in order to get his life back on track and move on. Mo, still recovering from the death of her patient Trixie, is offered Jac's job. She takes it on but is under the cosh when faced with her increased workload, which causes tension between her and Mr T. Jasmine feels sheepish and fears the worst when she has no recollection of the phone calls she made the night before when drunk.
873 34 "Twist of the Knife" Tracey Rooney Jon Sen Mo 30 May 2017
After discovering Mr T's lack of faith in her professional ability, Mo is prepared to forgive. However, when an unimaginable event unfolds on Darwin, Mo's fight for survival has far-reaching consequences. Aware that Matteo has his eye on her, Nina is determined to be the consummate professional on her first day as locum on AAU. But when she and Matteo receive devastating news, is Nina fully prepared for a future at Holby? When Essie helps Dominic recruit a team for the Holby half marathon, Raf makes a startling discovery.
874 35 "The Hard Way Home" Tracey Rooney Martin Jameson and Nick Fisher Damon 6 June 2017
When Dominic's erratic behaviour escalates and he crosses a line, Sacha is forced to take action. But when Lofty confronts Dominic with a shocking discovery, Dominic makes a life-changing decision. A fully recovered Fran is riding high as she returns to work at Holby. However, when she receives devastating news, Fran takes Jasmine's advice and seeks solace from Jac and is rocked by what unfolds. With Jason's expert navigation, a new face makes an appearance on Darwin ward. But when Matteo puts them through their paces, is the new arrival lost in more ways than one?

Note: Arrival of David Ajao as Damon Ford

875 36 "For the Love of Maureen" Jamie Annett Joe Ainsworth Mo 13 June 2017

It's crunch time for Mo, who has some difficult life choices to make, and a patient who is dear to Ric forces him to and mend some broken ties. Meanwhile, Jasmine has growing suspicions of Fran's intentions with Jac - could she be up to something?

Note: Departure of Chizzy Akudolu as Mo Effanga.

876 37 "For You May Be the Next to Die" Jamie Annett Patrick Homes Jasmine 20 June 2017
As Jasmine begins to investigate the past, she makes a shocking discovery, while a misunderstanding leaves a vulnerable Dom at odds with his new friend Lofty, but a bird-watching patient soon helps Dom see things in a whole new light.

Note: Death of Jasmine Burrows (Lucinda Dryzek)

877 38 "Paper Wishes" Richard Platt Patrick Homes and Ailsa Macaulay Zosia 27 June 2017

Jac buries herself in work, determined to save the life of a scared and fatalistic patient, while Sacha is forced to confront his faith when his mother sets him up on a blind date. Donna Jackson returns to Holby City, but clashes with Fletch's authority and questions whether too much has changed for her to simply pick up where she left off.

Note: Return of Jaye Jacobs as Donna Jackson.

878 39 "Keeping the Faith" Baff Akoto Jeff Povey Morven 4 July 2017
A grieving Morven won't accept the circumstances of a close tragedy and will stop at nothing to get the truth. Meanwhile, a familiar face arrives on Keller for emergency surgery, putting Sacha in a compromising personal and professional position. And when Nina makes her presence felt on Darwin, Matteo starts to see her in a new light.
879 40 "Sleep Well" Sean Glynn Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Jac 11 July 2017
Jac and Fran get the shock of their lives when someone from their past turns up at the hospital, while Raf is ribbed by Fletch, spotting that he likes Essie a bit more than he's letting on, and encourages him to give things another go. When Donna's old schoolmate is admitted, she soon realises how her life has been completely turned upside down, and she has to face her fears.

Note: Final appearance of Fran Reynolds

880 41 "Going the Distance" Sean Glynn Chris Murray Morven 18 July 2017
Essie worries that she is not being a good foster parent to Parker, but determined to take all the responsibility herself, she is reluctant to accept any help from Raf. Meanwhile, a tricky patient diagnosis throws Morven straight in at the deep end on her first day back, and Matteo recruits an unenthusiastic Jac to work with Damon on his assessment day.
881 42 "Baggage" Tracey Rooney Patrick Homes Donna 25 July 2017
Donna gets a shock when she's dealt a cruel blow by her ex, but help is on hand from a surprising source. Meanwhile, Dominic wants to uncover the truth about Lofty's private life, but after taking some well meaning advice from his mum, he's unprepared for what unfolds.
882 43 "The Evolution of Woman" Tracey Rooney Simon Norman Morven 1 August 2017

Newly appointed and keen to impress, Nina is intent on an innovative path and strikes a deal with a face from the past - but may yet come to regret it. Party animal Morven is determined to remain professional despite a number of obstacles, but then makes a regretful decision. When Sacha boasts about his new `lady friend', the team members are eager to meet her, but none are prepared for what unfolds on Keller ward.

Note: Return of John Michie as Guy Self.

883 44 "Go Ugly Early" Dominic Keavey Nick Fisher Lofty 8 August 2017
Bernie is confronted with an impossible situation when a trauma patient forces her to consider what she wants out of life. Ollie and Zosia are made an offer they cannot refuse, but it may be too good to be true. Meanwhile, Lofty has fallen out of favour with Dom. Can he win him round?

Note: Departure of Jemma Redgrave as Bernie Wolfe.

884 45 "Calm Before the Storm" Dominic Keavey Katie Douglas Henrik 15 August 2017
Guy requests Oliver's help with a patient, hoping to foster support for a new research proposal. Sacha's rabbi is taken seriously ill, prompting a final reckoning over his belief in God. Meanwhile, Nina questions Matteo's feelings for her after they return from a not-so-romantic weekend away.
885 46 "Wildest Dreams" Paulette Randall Angela Holden Zosia 22 August 2017
Oliver struggles with the thought that Tara's death could have been prevented, and Zosia is offered a chance to advance her career. Meanwhile, Lofty worries that Dominic still has feelings for him and contemplates how to let him down gently.
886 47 "Keep On Running" Paulette Randall Michelle Lipton Lofty 29 August 2017
When events take a tragic turn during the Holby Half Marathon, Lofty is forced to finally confront his feelings for Dominic. With a shortage of theatres, Fletch must enlist Jac's help to treat a patient who desperately needs to get home to his kids. Meanwhile, Guy puts Zosia to the test to prove she made the right decision in transferring to neuro.
887 48 "How Loud It Is" Jamie Annett Andy Bayliss Henrik 5 September 2017
Hanssen is forced to confront his past when a familiar face arrives as a registrar. Meanwhile, Zosia finally relaxes into some wedding planning, but Guy's behaviour sparks fresh concern. Elsewhere, Donna makes it her mission to teach Fletch a lesson.


49 "The Man Who Sold the World" Jamie Annett Joe Ainsworth Jac 12 September 2017
As Guy's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Zosia's concerns put her in an impossible position. Meanwhile, Donna is shocked when her patient has a surprising visitor, forcing her to make tough decisions. And although Dominic seems to be handling his work duties and wedding plans well, is he really on top of things?


50 "Veil of Tears - Part One" Jan Bauer Joe Ainsworth Fletch 19 September 2017
It is the day of Oliver and Zosia's wedding, and as family and friends gather, emotions are at an all-time high, but the arrival of a particular guest threatens to ruin their happy day. Meanwhile, Jac and Nina bump heads over the running of Darwin ward. However, unforeseen events soon force them to put their differences aside.


51 "Veil of Tears - Part Two" Nigel Douglas Michelle Lipton Zosia 26 September 2017

In the aftermath of the wedding, Zosia has a heart-breaking decision to make. Meanwhile, Dom and Lofty find themselves in an awkward situation when Dom's boyfriend winds up on Keller. And Donna and Ric's living situation is proving too close for comfort.

Note: Departure of Camilla Arfwedson as Zosia March .


52 "Left Behind" Nigel Douglas Wendy Granditer Nina 3 October 2017
Matteo makes a devastating discovery when a stranger recognises Nina on the ward. Meanwhile, Fredrik tries to impress Hanssen, but only winds up testing his patience. And Ollie is back at work, but how will he cope without Zosia?


53 "The Coming Storm" Daikin Marsh Patrick Homes Fletch 10 October 2017
Fletch is forced to come to terms with the realities of his new role as director of nursing, as he is called upon to deliver some bad news. Meanwhile, the arrival of a familiar face means Essie must say goodbye to a significant person in her life, and Donna's `day from Hell' only gets worse when she makes a basic error, and spends the rest of her time trying to limit the damage she has caused.


54 "Thicker Than Water" Daikin Marsh Peter Mattessi Dom 17 October 2017
Fredrik and Sara need to convince Hanssen to give them his professional backing and an impromptu visit from a loved one gives Raf food for thought. Oliver and Matteo go head to head to win over Damon.
894 55 "Things Left Unsaid" Steve Brett Robert Goldsbrough Nina 24 October 2017
Nina must decide if she can trust Fredrik when he discovers a secret that forces her to question her future with Matteo. Meanwhile, Oliver is stung when a face from the past arrives at Holby, unearthing painful memories and threatening his position on Darwin. And Lofty's first day on AAU takes a bad turn when his meticulous approach annoys an overworked Morven.
895 56 "Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy" Steve Brett Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Ric 31 October 2017
On the day of Ric's coroner's court hearing, Donna discovers contradictory evidence that threatens his defence. Meanwhile, a disillusioned Dominic struggles to find a research subject to rival Fredrik's flashy case study. And Jac desperately asks for Fletch's help when an incompetent Amira returns to Darwin.


57 "Kingdom Come" Jermain Julien Ed Sellek Henrik 7 November 2017
Hanssen faces a desperate struggle for Holby's survival, as the prospect of a merger looms on the horizon. All hope is not lost, though, as he receives unexpected support from none other than Sacha, who takes the fight directly to Keller. Meanwhile, an unwanted visitor compounds Donna's problems as she returns to work for the first time since the coroner's court, and a frustrated Matteo tries to find a way to help Oliver get over Zosia.


58 "It Has to Be Now" Jermain Julien Becky Prestwich Ollie 14 November 2017
Oliver is determined to win funding for his chest wall reconstruction project, but he has a tough decision to make when he realises why Roxanna is going up against him. Elsewhere, Morven is faced with a shock from her past when she discovers the identity of Lofty's mystery patient.


59 "Hungry Heart" Thomas Hescott Sian Evans Henrik 21 November 2017
With the merger decision hanging over the hospital, Fredrik has his own future at Holby firmly on his mind. Meanwhile, Donna's friendship with Ric takes an unexpected turn, and Damon faces a difficult decision.


60 "Hiding Places" Thomas Hescott Gerard Sampaio Matteo 28 November 2017
In light of Nina's news, Matteo can no longer run from their past, and Jac faces mounting pressures, both personal and professional. Meanwhile, an unwelcome visitor puts Donna in a tough position.


61 "Group Animal - Part One" Paulette Randall Andy Bayliss Jac 5 December 2017
A new arrival in Holby sets the wheels of change in motion. With all eyes on Jac, she's forced to take an inventory of her personal and professional life. Raf is reminded of why he fell in love with medicine.


62 "Group Animal - Part Two" Paulette Randall Andy Bayliss Donna 7 December 2017
The resolve of the Holby family is put to the test when a face from the past arrives with a chilling vendetta.


63 "We Need to Talk About Fredrik" Toby Frow Patrick Homes Oliver 12 December 2017
With the hospital still recovering from traumatic events, Hanssen takes position at the front line on AAU.

Fletch's concern for Jac forces him to call in a familiar face to help on Darwin, but Jac refuses to allow her new colleague to operate.

903 64 "Always Forever" Toby Frow Simon Norman Morven 19 December 2017

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