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Series 1 was the first series of Holby City. It consisted of 9 episodes which ran from 12 January 1999 before concluding on 9 March 1999.


The series started with 8 characters: cardiothoracic surgeons Anton Meyer, Nick Jordan, cardiological junior doctor Kirstie Collins, theatre sister Ellie Sharpe, ward nurses Jasmine Hopkins, Ray Sykes, Julie Fitzjohn and ward clerk Paul Ripley. The second episode featured the first appearence of cardiological doctor Muriel McKendrick, who was working on the ward before, but made her first appearence in the second episode, the arrival of junior doctor Victoria Merrick and ward sister Karen Newburn. The series saw the departure of ward clerk Paul Ripley, in episode 2. Cardiology consultant Muriel McKendrick and theatre sister Ellie Sharpe didn't return for series 2, but neither of them made an on screen departure.

Highest Centric Tally - Jasmine Hopkins / Nick Jordan (2)

Main characters

Character Role Actor/Actress Notes
Anton Meyer Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon George Irving 1 centric episode
Muriel McKendrick Consultant cardiologist Phyllis Logan Episodes 2-9, 1 centric episode
Nick Jordan Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Michael French 2 centric episodes
Kirstie Collins Senior house officer, cardiology Dawn McDaniel 1 centric episode
Victoria Merrick Pre-registration house officer Lisa Faulkner 1 centric episode
Ellie Sharpe Theatre sister Julie Saunders Until episode 9
Karen Newburn Ward sister Sarah Preston From episode 2
Jasmine Hopkins Staff nurse / deputy ward sister Angela Griffin 2 centric episodes
Ray Sykes Senior staff nurse Ian Curtis
Julie Fitzjohn Staff nurse Nicola Stephenson 1 centric episode
Paul Ripley Ward clerk Luke Mably Until episode 2

Recurring Characters

Character Role Actor Notes
Derek 'Sunny' Sunderland Porter (ED) Vince Pellegrino Casualty regular,

episodes 1-2, 8-9

Chloe Hill Staff nurse (ED) Jan Anderson Casualty regular,

episodes 1-2

Carl Jasmine's boyfriend Alex Avery From episode 5


Episode # Episode Centric Character Original Airdate
1 Whose Heart Is It Anyway? Anton Meyer 12 January 1999
Surgeons Meyer and Jordan race against time to carry out a transplant operation, while nurses Jasmine and Julie are interviewed for promotion.
2 Happy Families Jasmine Hopkins 19 January 1999
House officer Victoria Merrick attempts to conquer her nerves on her first day at Holby, and Julie has difficulty reconciling her personal life with her night shifts, while Jasmine Hopkins is called on to use all her diplomatic skills.
3 Kill or Cure Nick Jordan 26 January 1999
The staff of Darwin ward struggle to prevent a deadly infection spreading beyond the confines of Casualty's famous hospital, while Dr Kirstie Collins inadvertently discovers Nick Jordan has a dark secret. 
4 Love and Death Kirstie Collins 2 February 1999
Coma girl Nicola contracts pneumonia - leaving doctors McKendrick and Collins to help her parents make an agonising decision. Anton Meyer faces an unusual problem with a transplant patient, and on the ward, the staff are delighted to hear that at least one person loves them.
5 Never Judge a Book... Victoria Merrick 9 February 1999
An emergency forces Victoria to think on her feet to bring a patient back from the brink of death and Nick is the victim of consultant surgeon Mr Meyer's razor-sharp tongue as they fight to save a baby born with a heart defect.
6 Brave Heart Nick Jordan 16 February 1999
Nick's delay in attending a call results in the patient's death. To add to his problems, he then has to ask the victim's parents about the possibility of organ donation : but all they want to know is how such a minor injury could have led to their son's demise.
7 Take Me With You Muriel McKendrick 23 February 1999
Meyer and McKendrick clash over the treatment of a female patient, and Dr Collins deals with an emergency situation in the cardiac ambulance.
8 Staying Alive: Part 1 Jasmine Hopkins 2 March 1999
Part one of two. Sunny offers Victoria moral guidance, and comes up trumps in a radio quiz. Jordan and Meyer find themselves under increasing pressure, while Muriel McKendrick encounters a former colleague who proves a bit of a handful as a patient.
9 Staying Alive: Part 2 Julie Fitzjohn 9 March 1999
Part two of two. A team member fights for life.
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