"The Buck Stops Here"
"Night Fever"
"Elf and Happiness"
"Casualty@Holby City - Part Two"
"War and Peace"
"The Outsiders"
"Pride Before a Fall"
"Brother's Keeper"
"Out on a Limb"
"Into Your Own Hands"
"Sins of the Fathers"
"Past Imperfect"
"Damned if You Do"
"Duty of Care - Part One"
"The Apprentice"
"On a Mission"
"Love Will Tear Us Apart"
"The Softest Music"
"Battle of Who Could Care Less"
"Doctor's Dilemma"
"On the Brink"
"You Do it to Yourself"
"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
"To Govern a Kingdom"
"No Breaks on the Midnight Express - Part Two"
"Mad World"
"Cutting the Cord"
"About Last Night"
"Sweet Bitter Love"
"This Be the Verse"
"Maria's Christmas Carol"
"Not in the Stars"
"No Word of Farewell"
"A Clean Slate"
"Breaking News"
"Tough Love"
"Truth and Mercy"
"Take Her Breath Away"
"Feet of Clay"
"Coming Back to Bite You"
"Breathe Deeply"
"Too Much to Ask"
"No Legacy So Rich"
"Running on Empty"
"Smoke and Mirrors"
"Mirror, Mirror"
"Seeing Other People"
"Just a Perfect Day"
"Long Day's Night"
"What Goes Around"
"Get Busy Living"
"Clash of the Titans"
"Second Coming"
"A Woman's Work"
"The Third Way"
"To Absent Friends"
"Hail Caesar"
"And We Banish Shade"
"Exit Strategy - Part One"
"On the Ropes"
"Back in the Ring"
"Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy"
"No Matter Where You Go, There You Are - Part One"
"Tete a Tate"
"Tate Gallery"
"The Anniversary Waltz"
"Mad as Hell"
"Force Majeure"