Oliver Valentine MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS (born 14 October 1985) is a specialist registrar in Cardiothoracic surgery and formerly general Surgery, who formerly on Darwin at Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2009-2013, 2014-2018)Edit

Oliver arrives at Holby City Hospital as an F1 doctor, alongside his sister Penny. He acquires Penny's preferred rotation on the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU), where he develops a flirtatious relationship with ward sister Chrissie Williams. Within weeks, their relationship becomes sexual. Chrissie becomes pregnant, but later miscarries. They break up, and Oliver moves on to date ward sister Daisha Anderson. A transfer to the cardiothoracic surgery ward has him working under registrar Jac Naylor. While Daisha spends Christmas with her family in the Philippines, Oliver kisses Jac. Upon her return, Daisha learns of the tryst. Soon thereafter, she is shot during a hostage situation and Oliver struggles to cope. Although she recovers, she opts to leave Holby and move back to the Philippines.

Oliver discovers that Penny has been having a relationship with a patient, Scott, endangering her career. She plans to move to Spain with him and abandon her training, but Oliver convinces Scott to leave without her. Keen to earn praise from his consultants, Connie Beauchamp and Elliot Hope, Oliver claims Penny's research as his own, and is awarded her place in an operation. He is promoted to F2 level, and betrays Penny further by revealing her affair with Scott, which results in her failing her cardiothoracic rotation and being moved to the AAU. A rivalry develops between them, but they are forced to call a truce when a series of pranks endanger a patient.

Registrar Greg Douglas shirks his responsibilities by excessively delegating to Oliver; to his dismay, Connie appoints him as Oliver's mentor. Oliver pushes himself too far in an attempt to impress Greg, which earns the senior doctor a reprimand for leaving him unsupervised. Oliver tries to earn back Greg's respect, but panics while attempting to insert a chest drain, and has to be rescued by ward sister Frieda Petrenko. He invites her for a drink as thanks, but when Penny discovers that Frieda has romantic feelings for him, Oliver cancels as he does not reciprocate them. Oliver's confidence is further damaged when he mishandles a case, which results in a mother leaving her son to die alone. He moves back to the AAU, where he is shaken by an encounter with the boy's mother, which causes him to panic and embarrass himself in theatre. Penny's career begins to improve, and Oliver resents her when she is given registrar duties for a shift. Having realised that he is close to failing his F2 year, Oliver implicates Penny in a serious surgical error of his own doing, but is caught by registrar Antoine Malick.

When a patient unexpectedly dies in his care, Oliver breaks down. He confesses to Penny that he cheated in medical school by swapping one of their exam papers, so he passed on her merit while she was forced to repeat a year. Furious, Penny tells Oliver that he must confess to Director of Surgery Henrik Hanssen. He writes a letter of resignation, but deletes it after a positive day working alongside Frieda, who encourages him to repeat his F2 year. After giving Oliver a final chance to confess, Penny is called away to the site of a train crash. Oliver is left alone on AAU, where he successfully performs a difficult procedure. Hopeful that Penny will forgive him, Oliver is devastated to learn that she has been killed in an accident at the crash site. Unable to cope in the aftermath of her death, Oliver turns to drugs and alcohol. He sends Hanssen a letter of resignation, which includes a full confession. His father Tony offers him money to choose a new career, and claims that Oliver always had more potential than Penny. This angers Oliver, who endangers his own life to save a patient and feels reinvigorated. Hanssen is impressed by Oliver's patient treatment, and overlooks his cheating to allow him a fresh start.

Oliver continues and succeeds in his second F2 year under Elliot, who is his mentor. He begins a relationship with F1 Tara Lo. He learns she has a brain tumor and becomes fixated on finding a cure. She learns to accept it. Oliver begins spending more time at Tara's flat and later moves in. Oliver and Tara marry the day before she has a major operation.Oliver and Tara prepare for her operation, but there are complications in surgery and she dies.

Return (2014-18)Edit

In December 2014, Oliver was found in a drunken and unstable state, as he was taken to Holby City Hospital for an operation on his heart, which was lead by professor Elliot Hope.

Since Oliver returned to Holby City Hospital as the new registrar on Darwin Ward, where he has had many of romances one that includes Dr Zosia March.

In 2017, Oliver was shot by crazed killer Fredrik Johanssen. He suffered brain damage and had surgery. He was awoken but wasn’t ready.

He departed Holby after his brain injury on 27th March 2018.


  • Oliver first arrived at Holby City Hospital in June 2009
  • Oliver left Holby City Hospital in July 2013
  • Oliver returned to Holby City Hospital in December 2014

Behind the scenesEdit

James Anderson has played Oliver Valentine in Holby City from 2009 until 2013, before he returned at the end of 2014.