Morven Elizabeth Digby (née Shreve) is a CT1 doctor who formerly worked in the Acute Admissions Unit of Holby City Hospital. She joined the department in her first year of foundation training in June 2015 and left in December 2017.


Academic, intelligent, reserved, compassionate, circumspect and also oddly quirky, Morven’s always felt a weight of responsibility to succeed. Morven is determined to learn from the best as a trainee doctor and finds the rush of AAU nothing short of heart-racing. There, between bursts of Shakespeare (Morven can quote entire passages by heart) she exudes a blend of terror and hope: she’s working on real people!

Morven doesn't express her feelings easily or openly, but folk will be surprised by the force of them when she does – not least friend and mentor, Arthur.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2015-17)