Keller Ward is one of the wards featured in Holby City. Keller is the General Surgical Ward within the hospital. Despite it mainly being a general surgical ward, it has also served as a ward for neurosurgical and orthopaedic patients.

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Keller is based around one large bay, along with a high dependency bay that is located within the corridor entrance to the ward. It also contained the hospital's neurosurgical unit and Young Adult Unit (YAU) which was previously the side bay. When it was first introduced in late 1999, the ward was on the 6th floor, been spilt with Darwin ward. The standalone Keller ward was built in late 2005 on the 3rd floor with Ric Griffin in the lead and Diane Lloyd as his right-hand registrar. It has since been the site of many notable events in the hospital, most recently the death of former surgical registrar Fredrik Johanssen during the December 2017 shooting spree.


Young Adult Unit:

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