Iain Dean is a paramedic for the Holby Ambulance Service.

Interference on the Wards (2016)

In August 2016, just after the events of the helicopter crash at the ED, Iain and Jez were paired up with F1 Jasmine Burrows as a part of her training. During their shift, they were called out to the scene of an accident where Morven was volunteering at a homeless kitchen. Iain and Jez later joined Morven and Jasmine for drinks at a club after their shift.

Behind the scenes

Michael Stevenson currently portrays Iain on Casualty as a series regular, and has been a part of the main cast since its 28th series. He made a guest appearance as the character on Holby City in August 2016 alongside Lloyd Everitt who portrays Jez Andrews.

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