Fleur Fanshawe is a consultant obstetrician who works at Holby City Hospital as Head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. She previously worked at the hospital for a short period in 2014 on Keller as a locum consultant general surgeon.

She previously worked with former Holby surgeon Michael Spence in London where she nicknamed him 'The Demon Lothario of Charing Cross' due to his womanizing nature. Despite her sweet appearance, Fleur is known for her mocking nicknames for her staff, calling junior doctor Arthur Digby Clarke Kent due to his hair and glasses, Zosia March Face Ache due to her never smiling and calling Dominic Copeland Doris. She also called Registrar Sacha Levy Pudsey due to his weight and happy nature. However she was also a more than capable surgeon, sometimes coming up with her own surgical methods that are unorthodox such as scraping at adhesions with a camera to remove them. She believed that if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. As a lesbian, she quotes Daffyd from Little Britain when talking to Dom, also a homosexual when she says "You're not the only gay in the village.