Estelle "Essie" Di Lucca is a staff nurse at Holby City Hospital, she first arrived on the 6 May 2014.


Gregarious and mischievous, Essie is warm, sparky and rebellious. As a nurse, she navigates the rough waters of a challenged healthcare system, doing everything she can to provide her patients with the best care possible, even if that means breaking the rules (and sometimes especially so – sticking it to sticklers gives her an insubordinate thrill).

As a female friend, she's a rock – there’s no earthly wrong that a bucket of wine and a drunken dance can’t right. As a girlfriend, she’s spontaneous, emboldening and fun, though secretly struggles with the fact that Sacha has two demanding ex-wives and three children. Essie’s independence is sometimes a threat to Sacha; he likes to feel depended upon.

In turn, Sacha is driven nuts by her slatternly domestic ways. Essie leaves a trail of girly devastation whenever she gets ready to go out. It reminds him of his daughters!

Time at Holby City Hospital (2014, 2015-18, 2018-)

We first see Essie in 2014, when her grandfather (Joe Goodridge) was admitted to Holby City Hospital's Keller ward. Whilst her grandfather is being treated by junior doctor Zosia March she begins to make allegations against him from when he was in the war. Sacha decided to cancel surgery on Joe because of his Jewish background, despite medical professionals being required to treat all patients equally regardless of their views. Joe's final scenes see Essie and Sacha witness him voicing hateful opinions about the Jewish community.

In 2015, Essie is then offered a job at Holby City hospital and she develops a friendship with colleague Sacha who she later has a relationship with.

In 2017, Essie wedded boyfriend Raf Di Lucca in a private ceremony. Later that year, Raf was tragically killed by Fredrik Johanssen. In memoriam to him, Essie changed her name from ‘Harrison’ to ‘Di Lucca’.

In 2018, John Gaskell's trial went wrong and she went into his office and took his voice recorder. She listened to it and found out the implant was what killed Fiona Fawcett. After being embarrassed, she left the hospital with immediate effect.

In July 2018, she returned to Holby City Hospital after being taken ill with severe Abdomen Pain and a scan revealed she had Overian Cancer which lead to her having her Overies removed and now he is unable to have Children. She had been Holidaying in Germany and Glasgow.

Behind the scenes

Kaye Wragg joined the show as a guest in 2014. In October 2014, it was announced that Wragg had been asked to return to the show on a permanent basis, she returned back on screens in 2015 as a nurse.

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