Donna Jackson is a senior staff nurse at Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City HospitalEdit


Donna arrives at Holby City Hospital as a staff nurse on the general surgery ward, making a poor first impression by being disorganised and insolent. Mistakenly believing that living with her superior will ensure her an easy time at work, Donna invites herself to move in with nurse Lisa Fox. The two have a strained relationship: within weeks, Donna is evicted for falling behind on her rent, and when she is later allowed to move back in, she lets bailiffs take Lisa's possessions after failing to keep up her own loan repayments. Forced to run a shift in charge of the hospital's Acute Assessment Unit as recompense, Donna struggles to manage and learns a new respect for Lisa. During this period, Donna has a friendship with midwife Mickie Hendrie. Mickie is questioning her sexuality, and the two have sex while drunk. Mickie is disappointed when Donna states that it was just a one-night stand, but they are able to reconcile their friendship. When the general surgery ward is downsized, Donna is forced to reapply for her job. Although she gives a good interview and impresses Lisa, other candidates have more experience, so she is unable to retain her position and has to work as a bank nurse.

Following a short-lived relationship with physiotherapist Justin Fuller, Donna moves on to date hospital manager Bradley Hume. Their relationship is terminated by the discovery that Bradley has been running a pharmaceutical scam, resulting in the death of one of Donna's patients due to a morphine overdose. After entering into a scratchcard syndicate at work, Donna wins £20,000. She refuses to share her winnings with the others and resigns from her job, making plans to travel to Australia. On her last day, a patient with bi-polar disorder steals and re-distributes her money. Donna misses her flight, and is forced to remain in Holby. She goes on to begin an affair with consultant general surgeon Michael Spence, despite the fact he is married. When Michael's wife Annalese begins working at the hospital as a locum anaesthetist, she suspects that Michael has been unfaithful to her and confronts Donna, who confesses the affair and apologises profusely.

Donna is shocked when her estranged father Derek is admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with cancer. He dies soon thereafter, and when dealing with his effects, Donna learns that he unknowingly fathered another daughter. Though her half-sister is recently deceased, Donna meets her half-niece Mia, who is being raised by her grandmother, Patti. Within weeks, Patti also dies, and Donna decides to adopt Mia. She and her friend Maria compete for a ward sister position on the general surgery ward. Although Maria is the successful applicant, she realises that Donna needs the job in order to support Mia, and withdraws her candidacy so Donna is appointed sister. Donna falls in love with agency nurse Kieran Callaghan, and is devastated when he is called to serve in Afghanistan with the Territorial Army (TA). Kieran asks her to marry him, but Donna refuses, terminating their relationship with the intention of giving Mia stability. When Kieran is injured by an improvised explosive device (IED), Donna reconsiders, supporting him through the amputation of his leg. Upon learning that he will be transferred to a rehabilitation unit in Liverpool, Donna resigns in order to move there with him.


Donna returned to the wards of Holby City in episode 38 of series 19. She automatically made a bad impression on Fletch but later made the relationship better.

In series 19 episode 47, Donna candidates for the post of director of nursing and is considered the strongest opponent by Fletch who was asked to the interview himself and later ends up getting the job. As the post is on Darwin, Fletch moves there and makes way for Donna to be the ward manager of AAU.

Behind the scenesEdit

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Jaye Jacobs was in the medical drama from 2004 until 2011. She also made a crossover to Casualty for 3 episode in between 2004 and 2010.


The Holby City team will see the return of fun-loving nurse Donna Jackson who left the wards in 2011. With her new footballer husband and expensive car, she insists she is simply being a Good Samaritan coming back to work. But is all as it seems?

On returning to her role as Nurse Donna Jackson, Jaye Jacobs, says: “Donna and I have unfinished business. She’s flirty, brash and ballsy. I’ve missed her!”

Simon Harper, Acting Executive Producer for Holby City and Casualty, adds: “It’s thrilling to bring Jaye back as the sparky, irreverent Donna, one of the most popular and iconic Holby characters ever”.

After leaving the medical drama, Jaye went on to appear in to play a regular in both Waterloo Road and Millie Inbetween aswell as appearances in Doctors, Midsomer Murders & Still Open All Hours.

Jaye will be onscreen this Spring.