Dominic "Dom" Copeland is a general surgical registrar who currently works on the Keller Ward of Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City HospitalEdit

Dom arrives on Keller Ward while Antoine Malick is in charge. He develops an attraction to Malick and they kiss. But when Malick rebuffs further advances, Dom becomes vengeful. When Malick acts on a DNR on an infamous serial killer, Amanda Layton, Dom fabricates the version of events. He later lies in court to ruin Malick's career. But when he is found out he is suspended.

Dom returns to work on Keller Ward which causes friction with Malick's friend F2 Arthur Digby. But he quickly befriends FT1 Zosia March who invites him to move in with herself and Arthur. When Arthur is left in charge of Keller, Dom undermines him and gets him into trouble with registrar and mentor Sacha Levy. But Dom and Arthur's behaviour sees them both reprimanded by their mentor. When Arthur continues to rival Dom on the ward, he insinuates that he will commit suicide which makes Arthur back off. Dom treats a patient whose mother drowned whilst saving his pet dog. Dom insults Zosia over her dead mother. When she demands to know why he has taken issue, he recants the patient's story claiming that his mother died under the same circumstances. Dom is confronted with an old school friend and he tries to remove him from the ward. Arthur questions him and exposes Dom's lies about his mother. But Zosia is not bothered and only finds him more fascinating. Dom volunteers to do a shift on AAU, fails impress deputy CEO Serena Campbell and spars with CT2 Harry Tressler. Dom is attacked by a patient using a false identity. He manages to prevent her from leaving the hospital - a move which saves her life and earns respect from Serena.

After Arthur Digby dies Dom meets Issac Mayfield on a drunken night out and soon a relationship begins and seems strong until Issac steals Arthur’s medal that Dom treasures. They end up getting back together however after the return of one of Doms ex’s and the loss of research they break up and breaks the medal. After another one of Doms ex’s comment on how bad the relationship looks Zosia sets out to do something about it. The relationship is violent and abusive and ends after Dom falls down they stairs while being threatened by Issac. However a year afterwards his memory haunts Dom after a publisher comes in with the book Issac wrote about being an abuser but it contained many of Doms stories almost throwing his relationship with Lofty. However Lofty destroyed one of the manuscripts for the book and his relationship with Dom is still strong.

After Lofty (Benjamin Chiltern) joins Keller as a Nurse Dom soon develops feelings for him but after an attempted kiss which Lofty refuses he joins a relationship with Freddie and Lofty becomes defensive. At Zosia March and Oliver Valentines wedding Freddy leaves after a fight with Dom he spends the night with Lofty. However when Freddy is brought in after a drunken fight Dom breaks up with Freddy and tells Lofty they won’t work. However soon after Loftys grandmother is brought in to Holby City Hospital Dom asks Lofty out and their relationship begins. After Doms past with Issac comes back to haunt him leading to him developing Hepatitis C their relationship only becomes stronger. Even with all the hardships they went through Dom and Lofty propose to each other and are now engaged to be married.