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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Holby City Hospital is the highest executive member of the hospital's management, who reports directly to the board. The CEO is responsible for monitoring the Medical Director (when applicable) , as well as the non-clinical directors and department heads. The last acting CEO was Henrik Hanssen. Hanssen left Holby City hospital to return to his home town in Sweeden.

The current position of Acting CEO is held by Sacha Levy

List of CEOs

Name Duration
Jan Goddard 2001-2003
Christopher Sutherland 2006-2007
Jayne Grayson 2007-2009
Vanessa Lytton 2009-2010
Davina MacKenzie (Acting) 2009, 2010
Mark Williams 2010-2011
Imelda Cousins (Acting) 2012
Serena Campbell (Acting) 2012-2013, 2015, 2018
Guy Self 2013-2015
Ric Griffin (Acting) 2016-2017
Abigail Tate 2018
Henrik Hanssen (Acting) 2018
Henrik Hanssen 2011-2013- 2015-2016, 2017-2018. 2018-2019
Sacha Levy (Acting) 2019-
Max McGerry TBC 2019

Deputy CEO

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Deputy CEO) was the next person in charge after the CEO. Should the CEO have been absent for whatever reason, the authority was passed onto the deputy. After Serena Campbell stepped down from the position, the role of deputy CEO was dissolved by Tristan Wood in August 2016. This was to prevent Ric Griffin from gaining the position, and also in an attempt to save further expenses.

List of Deputy CEOs

Name Duration
Davina MacKenzie 2008-2010
Serena Campbell 2012-2016
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