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"Blue Christmas" is the 798th episode of Holby City and the 11th episode of the 18th series.


Troubled nurse Fran returns to Holby and takes drastic action to get Jac's attention. She finally reveals her true identity and the terrible childhood secret she shares with Jac. But tragedy strikes and a life is left hanging in the balance.

Sacha finds himself having to treat the man who bullied him at school. It is a difficult case and a crisis of confidence ensues, as Sacha slips back into the role of victim. But an unlikely ally helps Sacha appreciate his worth and encourages him to step forward for the consultant position.

Christmas romance is in the air. When a difficult patient steps out of line and Arthur wades in to defend Morven, her heart is set aflutter. Ollie and Zosia resolve to put their unhappy Christmases behind them, getting caught up in the romance when they help a patient propose to his girlfriend.