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"Back in the Ring" is the 830th episode of Holby City and the 43rd episode of the 18th series.


Ric is perturbed when the hospital's memorial for Arthur proves inadequate. Tasked with finding a more fitting alternative, Ric's unresolved grief comes to the fore. Will it have a negative impact on how he treats his current patient? Will he fail to save yet another young man?

When long-term Herzig patient Lexy is readmitted, Oliver is at pains to diagnose the problem. In turn, Lexy diagnoses his own romantic malaise, recommending he move on romantically from Zosia.

With Jason on the ward for a day in his capacity as clinical audit assistant, Serena is keen to keep a watchful eye on him. However, it's a shock when she finds herself under the professional microscope. Will she be found wanting?