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"Another Day in Paradise - Part One" is the 825th episode of Holby City and the 38th episode of the 18th series. It was directed by Jennie Darnell and written by Nick Fisher.


Dominic struggles to come to terms with Arthur's death, as he hasn't cried nor properly grieved. Meeting a spiritualist patient proves to be difficult as Dominic remains cynical to the fact that she can channel the dead, but when she receives a message from the other side, he starts to become drawn into her world.

Fletch is testy when Naomi dumps him with no warning. Raf feels guilty as he considers himself partly responsible and battles to mask his true feelings about Naomi until Fletch second guesses Raf's agenda.

Ollie is intent on being able to deliver on Jac's taxing list of jobs before a big showcase operation with a world famous tennis player, but underestimates the attention his patient will attract.