Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher BSc (Hons) (born 18 February 1975) is the current Director of Nursing Services in Holby City Hospital. He joined AAU as the Ward Manager in 2014 shortly after departing his job as a senior staff nurse in the hospital's Emergency Department.

Early life

In his 30s, Adrian Fletcher - universally known as Fletch - is a little older than your average band 6 nurse, having first trained as a mechanic.

During the recession, Fletch lost the successful business he'd built up and suddenly found himself without a job. With a third baby on the way and unable to provide for his family for the first time, Fletch needed a steady job. When his wife went into labor in the, it was the optimistic staff who saw the couple through. There and then Fletch decided to retrain as a nurse.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2014-)

Now Fletch is in Holby City he did meet up with his old fiancée Colette Steward and she wasn't pleased to see Fletch. And also Fletch has also helped Raffaello Di Lucca.

Fletch’s wife Natalie arrived into AAU after her friend had a fall on a night out. They were both considerably intoxicated and while Fletch and the team on AAU sorted her friend out Fletch sent Natalie to sleep off her hangover. However unbeknownst to him, Natalie had also had a fall hitting her head. She died from head injuries and Fletch blamed himself for not spotting the signs.


  • Fletch joined the ED on the 7th July 2012
  • Fletch left the ED on the 29th July 2014
  • Fletch joined AAU on the 12th August 2014
  • Fletch became Director of Nursing and joined Darwin on 29th August 2017