Adele Effanga is a former HCA and Student Nurse at Holby City Hospital, she is outgoing, friendly, and exuberant, Mo’s naughty little sister Adele is a real people person who is determined to make work fun. She tends to plunge in head first and learn as she goes and can get out of her depth.

Easily underestimated, Adele can be seen as a commitment shy good-time girl, and though she plays up to this stereotype, in truth she’s one of life’s grafters. Rarely demanding the credit she deserves, Adele has a sharp intuition that a lot of her colleagues could use – behind the ready laugh and big smile, Adele has hidden depths.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2014-16)

Adele's first romantic relationship is with consultant anaesthetist Jesse Law. Mo developed feelings for Jesse which went unnoticed by Adele. Following a number of months dating, Jesse is offered a job in the United States

In July 2015, Adele is found badly beaten outside of the hospital. Mo is shocked and cannot figure out who would want to carry out such an attack. Adele has to undergo emergency surgery to save her life but is left on a life support machine fighting for her life. But as Mo is related to Adele she is not allowed to treat her. Adele's condition deteriorates and Mo and neurosurgeon Guy Self argue over patient care.